My Search For Meaning

It’s never your experience until you give it away…

While “Searching” has long held a passionate hold upon those who embark on a journey of self-discovery, it is no different than the discoverers of old that have long searched for treasures and new places where they set claim upon something that no other man has yet done.

The Searching which we are not much accustomed to however has little to do with places, sailing voyages, physical treasures, and dangerous adventures. It does entail something of stepping into the unknown in our personal perspectives through realizing that putting a spotlight on the darkest parts of our lives will unveil personal discovery which is a treasure worth much more than pleasure.

Dr. Amit Goswami describes levels of consciousness in his book the Quantum Doctor. It is a fascinating discovery to relate these levels of consciousness to bodies of morphogenetic fields which exist around us at all times in a subtle way, scaled by frequencies of energetic vortices which can be tuned into by our very awareness. These subtle bodies each live and expand in their own template, interfacing with physical reality and other dimensional structures through archetypes which are connected with a unified field. The physical body is strengthened by the vital body around it. The mental body beyond that is fortified through the spiritual influence of the bliss body beyond that. Each body sits inside of the field of our human body like a Russian doll of expanding layers. Consciousness constitutes this field through building on the template through energetic units which are smaller than all known matter and make up all particles, waves, and scalar frequencies of energy.